Friday, November 12, 2010

40th Anniversary

Yep, that's right. It's the 40th anniversary of the exploding whale. If you're not aware of this story -- where have you been?!

A very young Paul Linnman was sent to the Oregon coast to cover the story of a dead beached whale and the decision to blow it up into small pieces for sea gulls to eat and clean up. Because Oregon's beaches are considered public byways, the Highway Division was charged with removing the whale from the beach so it wouldn't become a public hazard. Although it sounded like a ho hum story, you know how guys are about explosions. So KATU (Portland's ABC affiliate) sent a young up-and-coming reporter and equally youthful cameraman to film and report on the story.

Little did those involved realize that the exploding whale would become a media sensation.

That dead whale was blown to smithereens, alright. Those who came to watch were sprayed with a fine mist of blood and blubber before the large chunks of blubber, some half the size of a car, descended upon them. Onlookers ran in all directions to avoid the onslaught. Car roofs were smashed and the beach was littered with the remains of the whale.

The story that was entertaining at the time has been revived periodically and spread world wide. Paul Linnman still receives requests to be interviewed about the exploding whale.

Click on the link to watch the 40-year-old story. It's still a hoot!

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gowestferalwoman said...

lol...Im sure there was some talk amoung the guys ~ "well, I dont think thats enough dynamite, lets add just a few more boxes"...