Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dumbing Down

So I'm doing some online research using Google to ask "How does ____?" Some of the links take me to blogs and discussion boards where individuals post their suggested answers.

Now, I don't know if these stellar examples of American usage of English reflect a lack of proofreading or a lack of knowledge. But in either case, they are pretty sad.

"there" used in place of "they're"
"witch" used in place of "which"
"hey" used in place of "hay"

The really amusing thing is, the fellow who used "there" instead of "they're" was calling someone else a dumb@#%.

I see similar mangling of the English language in the comments posted on the web pages of our local newspaper and television stations. Not only are these comments generally snarky and insulting, but they also reveal a lot of folks were snoozing during their English classes.

The above examples are the reason I get a chuckle every time someone recommends we adopt English as our official language. You understand, of course, that the suggestion is aimed at hispanic immigrants. But I find it amusing that the very people who demand that English become our official language don't use it correctly either!

So before we change all the signs in Chinatown to English, remove all Italian words from menus, and boycott Volkswagens & BMWs -- maybe a large portion of the populace needs to revisit their English classes.


Cheryl Ann said...

Boy, do I hear you! My third graders say, "I BRUNG my homework!" I say, "Oh, you brought it?" to which they reply, "Yeah, I brung it!" Oye vei!!! Then, there's "I hadded it." Eh? Hadded? Yikes!
~~Cheryl Ann~~

Vaquerogirl said...

My most hated_ Lose and Loose.
Also sentences ending with- 'it or at'.
Like- "Where's it at?" Or " What did you do with it?"

Is there hope? Only the schoolteachers know for sure...

gowestferalwoman said...

I think language is always evolving throughout the centuries.

But I didnt say for the better in all circumstances, giggle!