Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wine Labels

Have you ever purchased a bottle of wine based solely on the label? I couldn't resist the above. It was on sale, but still a wee bit more than I usually pay. Naturally, the equestrian-themed labels tend to catch my eye. In this case it was both the image of the horses and the name of the winery: 14 Hands. Hands are, of course, the method of measuring horses. So I suppose the label could be read in a variety of ways: the height of a horse, the number of hands or people involved in making the wine, etc. But the name of the red wine itself clinched the purchase. "Hot to Trot."

I generally purchase Northwest white wines at under $10 per bottle. I have to confess that, although I live in the pinot noir capital of the world (or so we like to think), I just can't get past the tannins in red wine. Nor do I care for the puckery white wines. I aim for the rieslings and Muller-Thurgau whites.

Although -- I am a fan of Ste. Chapelle Winery's "soft" wines. Their Soft Red is one of my favorites.

I am in no fashion a wine connoisseur, but I find Hot to Trot to be light in the tannins and a mellow blend. Not bad for a purchase based solely on the label!


wilsonc said...

I've had 14 Hands before Mary and I liked it.

Squishy said...

I love that label!!! I'd be buying it every week just because of the name and artwork. I'd suffer thru it if it was bad. Thanks for the post! Diana at

Lindy said...

I, too, love Ste. Chapelle's wines. My favorite is the Special Harvest Riesling. I am also a fan of the 14 Hands wines, being a Washingtonian horse lover. Their label is to die for!

gowestferalwoman said...

Since Im from the Great Lakes area, we are much used to Door County wines ~ this will be fun to try the Northwest crops! Thanks for the heads up!