Thursday, September 2, 2010

Riding Lesson

I started the month with my first riding lesson in quite a while, and my first group lesson in eons. I can only afford to take one lesson a month, but I look forward to joining Linda and Sally again. Trainer Julie places them on the weekly schedule as "the Girls" which I love, since Sally is a spry 81. I won't guess at Linda's age, but I'm definitely part of the AARP contingency at the barn.

Each trainer has her/his approach, and this was my first lesson with Julie. I had intended to arrive early for the lesson so I could longe Phantom and warm up in the arena. I didn't get around as planned, and I should have. Although I did longe and trot around briefly, Phantom was not fully prepped for our workout.

Julie gave us a good warmup exercise at the walk to get our horses listening to our legs. Then we went right into trot and canter work. Phantom and I have issues with his canter, since his inclination is to crossfire. So even though we got bits of good canter on our individual circles, he kept dropping out of the canter during the later exercises.

I suspect an observer would have thought we were having a h*** of a time, which in one sense we were. But Julie gave such good feedback on my position that I have some great homework to occupy my future rides. Go figure -- I need to relax my leg down, bring back my left shoulder, relax my neck and shoulders, slow my seat at the walk, and follow more with my hands. Hmmm. Sounds like I haven't had anyone on the ground to pick on me for a long time! Per usual, once I got myself situated correctly, Phantom immediately responded as desired.

Afterwards, Phantom and I joined "the Girls" for a stroll around the galloping track. With calmer Fancy and Peter for company, he was a little less looky. Although we did have a moment when we encountered field workers moving around a neighboring property. Fancy and Phantom gave them the hairy eyeball but progressed without incident.

So it was a good start to the month.

I am glad to be done with August, since my mother went back into the hospital at the end of the month for a second blood transfusion for severe anemia with a follow-up bone marrow biopsy. We get the results next week.


wilsonc said...

Glad you enjoyed your lesson. I hope your mom's biospy comes back good. I've been gone for the past 2 weeks, but am looking forward to getting back to normal and back in the saddle.

Vaquerogirl said...

You guys are proof positive that you can begin riding at any age! Good luck and keep a goin'!