Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sunday Stills: Metal

Since there were no emergency room visits, follow-up appointments, or conferences this week -- I could get out my camera to capture the following photos for this week's challenge.

And of course, I located my subjects at the boarding stable where Phantom now resides.

A detail from the structure in the central parking area.
The barn was originally a Trakehner facility.

Gate chain to the mare pasture.

Abandoned shoes on the fence of the gelding pasture.

Another pair of abandoned shoes.
(Note the stud holes and toe clips for an eventer.)

Same shoes, different angle.

Although the subject was metal, I was also pleased with the wood textures captured in the photos.

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Anonymous said...

Great choices for the challenge. :)

WildBlack said...

Cool choice! ..and well done :)

Worknprogress said...

Great subjects! I love your last photo of the horseshoes!

lisa said...

Very nice photo's!

Ed said...

Very nice, love the composition of the chain shot..:-)

Regular Guy said...

Nice set of photos. I actually expected more horse shoes today, but yours was the only ones I saw.

Ann said...

The b & W photos make it a very cowboy theme.

What are you writing? I wrote for a while, but now am blogging. Less effort.

Anonymous said...

I loved the 1st pic, and the horse shoe's n b/!!

flowerweaver said...

Nice perspective on the abandoned shoes shots.

gtyyup said...

I love that first shot...very unique!

gowestferalwoman said...

Nice color choice! I love the rust :)

BTW tonight I heard the "flying monkeys" (like wizard of Oz, the noise :p) of a very large flock of geese flying south...winter is coming!

Brenda said...

oh, I rushed my photos this week of metals, and I should have put more thought into it. I love the chain. and the horse shoes are perfect. I have lots of those in a bucket, which would have made a great shot. next time, I guess!