Friday, August 13, 2010

Happens Every Time

It happens every time I attend the writers conference. The workshops are packed with fabulous information and guidance to improve our writing. But the more workshops I attend, the sorrier my current project appears.

While I'm taking copious notes, I'm considering how Water Tribute falls short. Is it salvageable? Should I finish it first and then do a major overhaul? Stop now at the midway point and go back to the beginning? Drop the project and start afresh (correctly) on a new project?


But one of the great aspects of the conference is hanging out with other writers who have the same issues. After two days of workshops, the topic of conversation during breakfast on Sunday was our growing doubt with our current projects. I wasn't alone! That knowledge is enough encouragement to plow on and do better the next time around.

I've set aside Water Tribute due to recent events. I'm fortunate that I have a First Reader who likes what I've done thus far and demands more. I have the novel outlined, so I will press on.

Meanwhile, I've been noodling around with an amorphous story idea that's beginning to take shape. :-)

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