Monday, August 9, 2010

Impeccable Timing

My thanks and enormous appreciation go to the ladies at CF, our new barn. Phantom chose the weekend of the writers conference for a bout of cellulitis. He is on the mend now, thank goodness.

It seems when Christina brought Phantom out of his stall Friday morning for turnout, his left hind was swollen and sore and he had a fever. She called my cell phone, but because I was in workshops at the conference I had it turned off. She got through to my mother who gave the okay to have the vet (already scheduled to see another horse) to examine Phantom. The vet placed Phantom on antibiotics, and recommended cold hosing and standing wraps. Trainer Julie was out of town at a competition, so Christina and Esme tended Phantom while I participated in the conference.

I didn't learn about Phantom's condition until I got home Friday. I rarely use my cell phone. I purchased it primarily so my mother could contact me during an emergency. I checked it once on Friday while at the conference, but apparently that was before the problem occurred. I totally forgot to check my phone the rest of the day.

By Saturday morning, Phantom was already responding to treatment and Esme said there was no problem, they would continue his schedule. I made it to the barn Sunday after the conference ended. Phantom was wearing the most neatly and securely wrapped standing bandages I've ever seen -- far better than I could have accomplished. Esme had plaited his mane into a French braid to cool his neck in the hot weather. Hmmm. I think Phantom is working the My Little Pony angle with the girls.

When I arrived at the barn today, Trainer Julie said they would continue Phantom's schedule. The wraps could be removed today and I did the morning hosing before hand walking Phantom. I figured it was a good opportunity to re-introduce him to the galloping track so we strolled out that way. He's still a doofus, but I'm hoping a few more walks out that way may accustom him to the sights and sounds.

I am extremely grateful for the equine experience of Trainer Julie, Christina, and Esme -- as well as their skills in caring for sick and unsound horses. I trust that Phantom and I are in good hands at CF.

After spending the previous weekend at the ER and hospital, I was hoping for a stress free weekend. Silly me.


Beth said...

Silly human thinking that horses wouldn't end up adding a little drama to life. lol Isn't it always the way? I hope Phantom is sound for you real soon.

gowestferalwoman said...

And thank your mom for giving the go ahead :)to have him vet checked! She has firsthand knowledge of medical issues and doctors ;)doesnt she...

Sounds like you have phantom at the right barn - hoping for a speedy (okay, poor choice of words, how about a "healthy, easy"!) recovery.

Now I need to go and read the rest of your conference feedback! :)