Saturday, July 3, 2010


Phantom's swish.

Genevieve took this photo yesterday. Notice I cropped out my lousy riding position. Posting waaay too high out of the saddle.

Phantom's luxurious thick tail is genetic. The past couple of winters I've kept his tail braided and bagged because I didn't want to deal with it. Western Oregon winters are wet and muddy.

Come summer, Phantom gets his tail back for fly season. I'm hoping warm weather usage will take a little length off of it.

I've also let his mane grow out after whacking it off to sport horse length several years ago. It's now back to its original, untouched length. His forelock is tucked under the brow band so it won't tickle his ears.

I also keep his mane banded or braided most of the time so it won't get tangled. Although, after his first bath of the summer I think I've solved the knotted mane problem. Half a tube of Cowboy Magic and his mane and tail are soft as silk!

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wilsonc said...

Phantom is a very well tended horse. He is a lucky boy to have you.