Friday, July 9, 2010

Moving On

Today we moved Phantom and Zorro to a different boarding stable.

I was not unhappy at CEC. In fact, I recommend it to anyone seeking a barn in the Canby area.

However, I think I was due for a change. When two friends gave notice that they were departing, it kind of gave me a kick start. So Phantom and I followed Genevieve and Zorro to a stable that is closer to where we live. There are tradeoffs in the move, but also different opportunities. So we'll see how it goes.

The most difficult aspect of any move like this is parting with friends. Since I was a "charter boarder" at CEC, it's doubly so. Phantom was among the first horses to arrive at the facility before the covered arena existed. So we have a history there. And good friends who have since relocated as well as those who remain at CEC.

Ready to go.

Many thanks to Kim for trailering us.

An eventing barn?!

Geneveive and Zorro

Mary and Phantom

Checking out the new digs.

Welcoming Committee.

Getting acquainted.

Checking out the new guys.

Zorro gets acquainted.

Notice that the "welcoming committee" chased the little gray Arabian all over the place while leaving the big black appendix quarter horse alone? It seems Zorro has the W.C. Fields attitude: "Go away, you bother me." Phantom is apparently more on the order of Oliver Twist being stalked by the Artful Dodger.

There was only so much we could do for our boys -- they had to sort it out on their own. Phantom came from a tiny all-Arab turnout herd to a larger "integrated" herd. He managed to climb to the upper echelon of the pecking order at CEC. Guess the guys at the new barn aren't impressed.


allhorsestuff said...

Oh wow...moving, I usually dread that now...having done far too much for all kinds of reasons..but you seem content!
I really hope all goes very well for you and that there are some fun new aspects to thrill you too!Hug that gorgeous Phantom for me!

wilsonc said...

Gonna miss you Mary :( Glad I can keep up with you through blogging and will probably see you out at Devonwood later this month!