Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Stills: Landscapes (Fall Foliage)

The trick to capturing fall foliage in the Pacific Northwest is finding deciduous trees among the conifers. Since I didn't travel across the Coast Range or Cascades...I settled for closer to home on one of our dog-walking routes.

I liked the rusty-red roof in this shot and, actually, I kind of like the power lines -- since hydro power has so much significance in this region.

Swing the camera to the right and the viewfinder locates more farm buildings and a bit of color against the distant backdrop of Doug firs. And...more power lines.

The suburban landscape provides the following series of shots, from late September into October. These trees have since completely blown their leaves and are "nekked" for the winter.

Final fall foliage scene: Red on Red


wilsonc said...

Excellent Mary! Love the color especially in the time elapse shots!

jrosey said...

So pretty! I love how our deciduous trees are pretty much always backdropped by our conifers. Makes for such pretty contrast. I also love the tree lined streets of my favorite things about Oregon is how there are so many trees, even in the city. At least where I've traveled in Oregon. Gorgeous shots! :)