Friday, October 23, 2009



I'm not ready for our wet winter to arrive!! It was dark, windy, raining, and lonely at the barn today.

As anticipated...Phantom was soaked by the time I arrived at the barn today. I got him a new turnout sheet with attached neck cover, but temperatures have been up in the 60s thus far this month. Brief rain squalls have been alternating with sunny days -- too warm for the neck cover combo. So I threw on his old turnout sheet that I'd just had cleaned. I intended to use this well-used turnout sheet as a back-up/emergency one this winter.

Well, earlier this week I discovered the old turnout has lost its water-blocking qualities. Phantom's shoulders were soaked, as was his croup. Fortunately, his back, flanks and barrel were dry (his core). So much for using it as a back-up blanket. Then I noticed the date I'd written in it. The old turnout had first been used in the fall of 2006 -- so I got three winters out of it. Not bad. Still....

Thursday was supposed to be a dry and warmer day, so I reluctantly put the damp old turnout back on Phantom before I left on Wednesday, with profuse apologies.

So I wasn't surprised to find him wet today. His exposed head and neck were soaked, as were his lower legs. And once again Phantom's shoulders and butt were wet beneath the turnout.

However!! By the time I left today, Phantom was bundled up for a typical western Oregon fall and winter. I braided his forelock, re-banded his mane, and re-braided his tail. I tucked his tail into last year's Lycra cover (Note to self: Buy a nylon, waterproof tail cover). And finally I fitted him into his brand new combo turnout. He was covered from his ears to tail flap in pretty gray and burgundy. *sigh* The combo turnout sheet will never look as nice again.

Well, you get the idea. Wrong breed and color of horse, and the navy version of the turnout sheet instead of burgundy -- but this is Phantom's rain outfit. All he lacks is an umbrella and galoshes. Hmmm.

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