Monday, October 12, 2009


Over the years of horse ownership I've been a member of the "Barn Bunch" at several boarding stables. Sunday I spent the good part of the day at Two's A Team to catch up with Trainer Cathi and more friends than I expected to see.

Two's A Team is just down the road from CEC and it is another of the low key, friendly establishments in the area. Trainer Cathi spends a day there periodically to give a series of lessons. For me it was like a free clinic. Watching other folks work through their challenges made me appreciate where I am in my stage of riding. And per usual, I picked up some helpful ideas just listening to a talented trainer work with others. Today I tried out a couple of the things I heard yesterday and made a few improvements in our work. Dang, those trainers know what they're talking about!

I was pleasantly surprised when one friend trailered in for a lesson...I wasn't expecting to see her and her huge new horse. Each horse has something to teach us, and her Clydesdale/quarter horse cross is teaching her to quiet her mind and be patient. A lesson we can all use.

I had the good fortune to be present when an acquaintance arrived with her potential new horse. Then her sister and my friend showed up to inspect the new "family member," a handsome Keiger mustang. It's always exciting when someone joins the ranks of horse owners and a new horse arrives on site.

So I had a great time chatting with friends I haven't seen for awhile. Caught up on events in their lives, as well as gave and received hugs.

Meanwhile, back at CEC....

The kittens are back at the little barn! Scar's cast has been removed (If you recall, he had a close encounter with one of the horses that resulted in a broken leg. Why is it the "free" animals seem to rack up the vet bills?!), and he and brother Mufasa are back in action. Indy is scared of them. The pair make perfect Halloween cats, with hackles raised, backs arched, and hissing up a storm! They're not black, but orange fits the season. The boys have grown, and are full of vim and verve. Caution to all boarders, check your vehicle before departing. As I was about to leave, Mufasa managed to get himself wedged in my wheel well. I teased him by cuddling Scar, which made the car less desirable, and offered "assistance" in removing him from my vehicle. The boys are extremely friendly and personable. Let's just hope they won't use up all nine lives before they reach maturity!!

The last I heard, CEC has two vacant stalls. As Trainer Tracey observed...summer is over. Even the sunny days have a bite to the air, and overnight temperatures are definitely chilly. This week is predicted to be a wet one. For folks who haven't yet secured a stall for the winter and beyond, now's the time to act.

CEC is one of the small boarding stable gems in the south Metro area. The facility is well kept, the horses get daily turnout as well as individual feeding, and the people are friendly and supportive. Both western and English riders are welcome. Resident trainer, Tracey, is a successful dressage trainer and competitor -- but there is no pressure to compete.

For horse owners on a limited budget, the smaller barns in our area are lifesavers. The board is reasonable for a stall, care, and access to a covered arena. Unlike the expensive show barns, there are no requirements to place the horse in full training plus take a minimum number of lessons. The boarders are always willing to help newbies and "talk horse."

Tack Extravaganza

The "Canby Tack Sale" is scheduled for this coming Saturday at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds. It's actually a benefit for the county's equestrian 4H program, but everyone just refers to it as the the Canby Tack Sale.

The sale is held in the spring and summer. Anyone may rent a space to set up her or his wares. Although there is an emphasis on western gear -- you can find everything from antiques/collectibles, horse-themed crafts, any piece of tack you can new clearance and close out items from local tack stores.

It's also quite the social event. You never know which members of what Barn Bunch you'll bump into at the sale.

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hayley said...

I really enjoy this blog it's so doen to earth and in tune with nature my daughter has just begun riding but i have a trapped nerve and cant ride.

I got all her equiptment from an equestrian clearance sale and got the basic's she's a few weeks in and loving spending time with the horses. I can see how she has got more confident and seems more peaceful in herself.