Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Stills: The Rule of Thirds

I wasn't really aware of the Rule of Thirds, although I think I've applied it subconsciously to some of my photos. I haven't yet perused the "how to" books, so this challenge was good for me.

So here goes.

Trailer Park [ :-) ]

High Point

Outside with Finn

A girl and her horse


Shared Glory said...

The rule of thirds just gives a little more dynamic feel to the pictures...and you're "not supposed" to place landscapes at the halfway point, but instead at the bottom or top third...I think this makes photography a science rather than an art ;)

Oregon Equestrian said...

Ahh...there is science to ALL art. Whether it's compounding colors for oil painting, establishing perspective, or the proportions of the human figure. As well as the three-act structure for plays and novels. I've been focusing my research on novel architecture instead of picking up guidelines for photography. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
So glad to find you through Kacy's blog. Hope all is well. Great photos! That is my kind of trailer park. :-)

Karla Houtary
(fellow "Garage Girl" from CEC and Sleepy Hollow)

Oregon Equestrian said...

Hello Karla!!!

I'm missing the Garage Girls big time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary,
Cathi comes to Two's A Team once a month for lessons (me, Marnie, Jeanette and Debbie A and whoever else wants to ride). What's your e-mail address and I'll include you in the loop. You're welcome to haul in or just come by for a visit. My e-mail is Have a good day.