Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Signs of Fall Equine Style

Summer is definitely on the wane -- the horses are starting to get fuzzy. Phantom's fleabitten gray isn't so apparent unless you're up close, but his darker pasture mates are obviously fluffing up.

Genevieve is happy because Zorro's turning black again. :-)

With the longer hair, the crusty mud will be really fun to brush out!

It seems a little soon to whip out the turnout sheets. Spring and fall drive us crazy trying to second-guess the weather. It's primarily the rain that concerns us in this region. But what good does it do to put on a sheet to keep the horse dry when he sweats underneath it?! ARGH!

The moderating temperatures of early fall are much more inviting for riding. And on dry days we now have our rehabilitated outdoor arena! Just as long as the pheasants hiding in the neighbor's nearby blackberries don't take flight!

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Karla said...

Hi Mary,
Karla here. Beautiful graphic for this post! I wanted to let you know that Cathi (Liston) Herling is teaching at Two's A Team next Sunday, Oct. 11th beginning at 10AM. E-mail me at karlahoutary@prodigy.net if you'd like or need directions. It'd be great to see you. Have a good day.