Friday, September 4, 2009


Mary, Lydia and Debbie

There's a T-shirt I want to buy that says something on the order of: "Inside every older person is a surprised young person."

I've known Debbie since I was fifteen and she was thirteen. So who are these "mature" people in our photo?!

We were very pleased when Debbie and husband Graeme stopped by for a visit. They live a globetrotting life and it's been a long time since we'd been together with Debbie, and it was our opportunity to meet Graeme for the first time. We told tales on each other and caught up on news.

Debbie's parents have passed on, but they are still much missed and our memories of them much cherished. Our lives have taken many twists and turns over the decades, but it's interesting to consider how our relationships shape the people we become.

Along the same vein, I received an e-mail from Jackie, my former supervisor and cohort in "crime" at my last work place. With coworker Marilyn, we made one hell of a team. It was one of the better periods during my 30-years as a public employee. Imagine, a boss who appreciates your efforts and tells you as much.

For those of you with eagle eyes -- yes, Lydia's wearing a bandage on her hand. She took a spill while I was helping Emily move into her dorm. My dog -- my fault. My mother took Indy out while I was gone and when he saw some neighbor dogs he got excited (per usual). He pulled too hard on my mother and she went down. So it was another Saturday night in the ER for us followed by a week of doctor appointments. No broken bones (whew!). But lots of bruising and a nasty abrasion. Lydia is mending well and pissed that she fell down yet again. Hmmm. Wonder where I get my "independent little shit" personality?

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