Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Arrived at the barn today and discovered our wonderful barn owner and crew had placed turnout sheets on our horses. We had a heck of a steady rain yesterday morning and unpredictable showers since then. This voluntary action is much appreciated, since it adds time and trouble to turnouts.

When I removed Phantom's turnout today I discovered he has an "owee" on his back...just where the cantle would rest. It's still a little swollen and very tender. So my Goober Boy got out of a work session today and likely the rest of the week. Per usual, the Gelding Creed of Silence keeps him from telling me what happened and which pasture mate is the culprit. The "wound" was already scabbing at the edges, although still hairless skin at the center. I went through the motions of cleaning it with iodine scrub and sprayed it with Schreiner's. The Schreiner's stung...which indicated it was working.

Settled for a brief longe in the covered arena where it apprears Phantom is moving more freely following his massage session. Yea!

Actually, it's probably a good thing I didn't ride today. Spent six hours in the ER last night, so I was a "little tense" yet today. It's a long story involving my mother's health situation. Nothing serious -- obviously, since we were not a priority and left in the exam room for hours. Better than being a critical case in need of immediate care. However, when your bottom goes numb from sitting in the ER exam room for six hours....

Mother is feeling better today, my big Goober Boy gets a bit of a vacation from the saddle, and my little Goober Boy had a blast racing around outside with his canine playmates.


I started reading "Murphy's Law" by Rhys Bowen in the ER waiting room last night and darned near finished the 250-page book by the time we left the hospital. Set in turn-of-the-century New York (1900), it's the first in a mystery series featuring Molly Murphy as an Irish immigrant involved in a couple of murders. Obviously a lot of research was conducted in order to provide the interesting period details that enriched the story. Not a literary book, but a fun and easy read for the genre.

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20 meter circle of life said...

did you notice the 2 horses with out blankets, :( bad owner packed them away during the heat wave. Oh well. Just more grooming for me, I do belive a certain gray arab would rather be a bay by the amount of mud he manages to cake on himself. The Other Devil can be covered in mud and yet those purdy white socks stay white, how does he do it. Cant wait for you to ride the Goober its amazing. Glad to hear Mom is feeling better. I cant say I have a bunch of faith in Hospital ER's after my crash last year.