Sunday, May 25, 2008

Catching Up


She's doing fine, gradually feeling better. The increased dosage of Lasix is keeping her close to the bathroom but reducing the fluid in her lungs. She had a follow-up visit at our doctor's office on Friday after our lovely tour of the ER, and will see Dr. Cindy next week.


Our refrigerator died a lingering death this past week. First the freezer went belly up, then the fridge. We'd had trouble with the freezer in the past, but thought it was because the door didn't close all the way. Apparently it was trying to tell us that the compressor was going out. We had a repair man come out from Walt's Applicances in Sherwood on Saturday morning and he did all he could to resuscitate the fridge, but it was too far gone. It would cost as much to repair the compressor as it would to buy a new, inexpensive fridge. So after a review of applicance reliability in "Consumer Reports" we were off to Sherwood to Walt's where we were treated well and given a good deal on a side-by-side rerigerator. We barely made it home before the delivery guys showed up. They hooked up the new fridge and took away the old and we are back in business. Even have a water and ice dispenser now!

That was an expenditure (spoiled food and new applicance) that we hadn't budgeted for. :-(


I experienced the second fraudulent transaction on my Visa account in the last two months. Both conducted online on days that I wasn't even on my computer and at sites I'd never heard of. I called Bank of America and they are cancelling my current account and issuing me a new account number, since my number is out there and being used.

I was reluctant to do online purchases for this very reason. So much for convenience. careful out there!


Unfortunately, our crazy schedule of late means Phantom has been placed on the back burner. Not that he doesn't enjoy the vacation. I just hope his patch of missing skin is healing.

Our barn owner and crew are going crazy with our bizarre weather, what with the 30-40 degree changes in temperature, thunderstorms, and buckets of rain. To blanket or not to blanket.

Spring and fall in the Willamette Valley are the periods of the Crusty Pony. They roll in the mud, it dries and gets crusty, it rains and the crust turns to mud again. All the horses become crusty chestnuts. Our gray horses become green and crust pintos. Lovely.


Our crazy schedule also means Indy is crated while we're out of the house for extended periods. He has water and a couple of fuzzy toys, but it's not the same as hanging out with his people. Plus, he missed a possible play day at the barn.

So much for a watch dog. The Fluffy Puppy was all over the refrigerator repair man. Not that we want the dog attacking family, friends and repair men...but a moment of suspicion might have been reassuring. Oh well, it's not like his debarked "arf" is intimidating, anyway.

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Rising Rainbow said...

We don't kno whether to blanket or not either. This weather is making me nuts.