Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Easy Writer"

...the theme for the August 1-3 Willamette Writers Conference.

The conference brochure arrived, I've poured over it, highlighted the workshops that look good, and identified two literary agents taking pitches for Middle Grade and Young Adult stories. I downloaded the registration form and will take it to the local UPS Store to fax it to the WW office.

Although I could register online, I recently discovered a couple of unauthorized transactions on my Visa I'm skittish about putting my account information out there.

Nothing like scheduling a pitch as incentive to finish "Water Tribute" and begin reworking it. I've got "Book in a Month" by Victoria Lynn Schmidt, PhD that I think it will help me focus as I edit and make ruthless deletions.

Generally, the agents and editors do not accept submittals at the conference. Their luggage would weigh a ton! If they like your idea they instruct you to submit their preferred material (first three chapters, synopsis, SASE, etc.) and reference the WW Conference so your envelope will get past the slush pile. The agents/editors expect things to dribble in over the next few months.

So...that provides additional time to rework the first draft. At least polish the first three chapters for mailing.

This weekend should be great for my writing. My story takes place in a desert setting, and we're expecting record high temperatures for May (>90 degrees).


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