Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fluffy Puppy

So tell me, Sheltie owners, do they ALL run in crazy circles around the house?

My first Sheltie, Lacey, was 13 months old when we met at the Oregon Humane Society. She would race around the apartment like a crazy dog. A blue merle streak. She eventually outgrew her manic races around the apartment, but when turned loose at the nearby high tech campus on a quiet weekend she would round up imaginary sheep.

Indy, my current Sheltie, had just celebrated his first birthday when we joined up. He is very puppyish still and does the same manic "fluffy puppy" race around the furniture. Although the blue merle streak is similar, Indy is much more rambunctious during his silly dashes around the house. this a Sheltie trait? Goofy races around the house and yard? Rounding up imaginary sheep?

Whatever it is, the dog keeps us in stitches. We laugh so hard we cry at his silly antics.

Maybe one of these days Indy will get to meet real sheep. I can hardly wait to see the expression on his face.

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