Monday, November 28, 2011

"Twilght" Redux

As an aspiring author of young adult sf/f novels, it behooves me to read what's popular in the genre. For that reason I just acquired the Hunger Games trilogy through the Science Fiction Book Club. I also attempted to read Twilight earlier this year. Not only is it a best seller among YA readers, it's set in the Pacific Northwest.

I couldn't finish Twilight. I could not generate any interest in Bella, supposedly the main character. And I found her relationship with Edward to be unhealthy even beyond the thirsty vampire aspect. She was passive, he was controlling -- the classic set up for an emotionally abusive relationship (not to mention the potential physical abuse of turning her into a vampire).

Needless to say, I haven't bothered to see any of the Twilight movies at the local multi-screen. However, when the first movie in the series aired on television I decided to give it a try.


It was as bad as the book in my opinion. The dialogue was lame. Bella was still passive. Things happened to her. She didn't instigate the action. The exact opposite of everything I'm learning in fiction writing workshops!

So count me out of the Twilight Camp.

The Harry Potter series may not have been great literature, but at least Jo Rowling made me care about the characters and Harry was the driving force in the novels. The characters formed healthy friendships, maintained their integrity, and didn't give up worthy goals against malignant forces.

Bella -- not so much, at least as far as I could stand to read and watch Twilight.

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