Saturday, November 5, 2011

Okay, Okay -- It's Fall

Getting ready to take Indy on his morning walk reminded me of suiting up an astronaut. Me:  jeans and turtleneck, fleece jacket, waterproof Ariat barn boots, waterproof zip-on pants and hooded jacket, Kerrits baseball cap, gloves. Indy:  waterproof "turnout sheet."

We've had some wet days already this Fall, but temperatures were in the high 50s or low- to mid-60s. Recent frosty mornings gave way to sunny afternoons. This week we finally got the first of the wet cold fronts that will be with us until June. Snow levels have dropped and the furnace started early this morning. Not conducive to jumping out of bed except for an insistent Sheltie.

As if suiting up for Indy's walk wasn't bad enough, peeling off the wet clothes when we return is, well, ishy. Everything is drippy and uncooperative. Indy at least waits patiently for removal of his doggy coat because it means I will dry off his paws and give him a tummy rub with the towel.

The calendar says it's Autumn, but it's hard to give up on the pleasant transitional days that are comfortably warm with cool nights. However, this morning I had to admit that it really is Fall. Clammy wet leaves cover the ground, the walnut trees are bombing unsuspecting pedestrians, and the sky is a monotonous shade of gray.

Okay. I give.

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