Monday, October 3, 2011

You know you have a problem when... open your tack locker and it smells like hamburger that's waaay past its prime.

Such was the case on Saturday when I stopped by the barn just long enough to unpack Phantom's old turnout sheet and leave some treats in his feed bucket. I definitely needed to conduct a search and destroy mission, but didn't have the time.

Today I made another quick trip to the barn, this time to check on Phantom and give him a zoom groom. My tack locker still smelled like old hamburger so I started removing the neatly stacked plastic storage boxes and sure enough...

...dead mouse.


It took some maneuvering with implements other than hands, but I removed the carcass and added it to the nearest muck bucket.

Decades ago my father built the tack locker to my specifications with the intent of keeping out mice. Over the years it has done the job admirably. Apparently too well. This mouse must have entered while I was occupied with Phantom and was still perusing the contents when I finished for the day and locked up to return home.

I certainly hope the "old hamburger" smell dissipates quickly now that the source has been eliminated. But we're entering the Mildew Months of the Willamette Valley, so I'm not too optimistic.

Guess I need to install a mouse alert to let them know it's time to exit!

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Cjay said...

Poor mouse! I'm always afraid of that happening to us. One of the other boarders at our stable had one of the barn cats leave a half eaten bird in her locker once.

You've won an award over at my blog!