Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Chuckle

Every Fall I get a chuckle out of the Halloween decorations I observe while walking Indy. They remind me of a former coworker who was upset when fellow employees decorated their cubicles and the office with the typical witches, ghosts, and hobgoblins. She claimed to be a good Christian woman who was upset by the "devil worship" symbols that surrounded her.

Yet the pagan-based symbols associated with Christmas didn't bother her. Likely because she didn't know that the tree, holly, winter date, etc., were absorbed into the holiday along with the pagans that were converted to Christianity. :-/

Addressing my mother's recent health issues has drained me and I was tempted to leave the porch light dark and front door locked on Halloween. But we're both doing better now so I've got to prepare for the onslaught. Which means a trip to the dollar store for party favors and toys.

For the past few years I've filled a large stainless steel bowl with toys and let the children pick one. The reactions from the children and their parents provide my real Halloween chuckles. The trick-or-treaters are often surprised and stymied by making a decision instead of having candy dumped in their bag. The smallest ones often don't have the concept of taking only one toy. Many parents are grateful for something other than candy. The youngest children are delighted by the toys, while some of the older trick-or-treaters are disgusted (one even threw his bottle of bubbles at our front door - hard). However, last year even the older goblins seemed to enjoy something different.

So -- whether you celebrate Samhain or All Hallows Eve -- have a safe and enjoyable Halloween!

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