Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Stills: Best Shot of 2010

Best shot of 2010? Singular?! Can't do it. Here are my favorites by category.

Favorite photo of Phantom:

Favorite photos of horses owned by friends:
Zorro at CEC

Monty at Devonwood

Favorite horse show photos:

Walking the course.

Favorite seasonal photos:
Spring blooms.

Fall foliage.

Favorite B&W and possibly favorite for 2010:
Park pavilion.

To see more best photos of 2010, visit Sunday Stills.


Ed said...

great series, the park pavillion is really a great pic..:-)

Lori Skoog said...

Beautiful shots...and to think I posted just one!

Regular Guy said...

Nice shots, your park pavilion shot inspired me when we took a trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall.

gtyyup said...

Each shot has something special to it...great choices! Cheers to another great year in 2011~

Shirley said...

Love the fall foliage shot-beautiful colors!

Sense of Home said...

Love the fall photo and the pavilion, very creative horse photo as well. Beautiful!


CTG Ponies said...

All fantastic shots!

Brenda said...

I love the Monte shot, and Buddies!
Yes, great pavilion shot!

Rising Rainbow said...

Great Shots!

gowestferalwoman said...

I agree; those shots are amazing!

For some reason I like the emphasis of "counting strides" - the one of where the kids with their instructor, trying to listen and walk/count at the same time - that brings back memories i think lol!