Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kibble a la Indy

No -- it's not a doggy "accident." It's a Milkbone treat with peanut butter and kibble. On the carpet -- where Indy left it for later consumption.

Unlike most dogs I have known and owned, Indy does not scarf down his food immediately upon feeding. Usually he leaves his dish alone until whatever time he decides to eat. However, he will pick up his Milkbone treat and move it to a different location on the carpet to be eaten later.

I give Indy a powdered supplement (Missing Link) that I mix with a little peanut butter and smear on a Milkbone that I then roll in his ration of kibble before placing his dish with contents on the floor in the kitchen. Sometimes he checks out his dish right away, other times he doesn't show much interest (it will be there when he's ready). Once in a while he'll nibble around the Milkbone. But most of the time he examines his dish, picks up the Milkbone to deposit it elsewhere, and then returns to whatever he was doing.


Yes, I've picked up the treat and replaced it in Indy's dish. Most of the time it will remain there until consumed. But every once in awhile he picks it up immediately afterwards to return it to the rug -- where he leaves it. We, of course, are in stitches.

I would love to know what is going on in his little canine mind. Where does this come from? Indy's habit of ignoring his food until hungry was a problem while dog-sitting his cousin Trixie, since we didn't want her to eat his food yet wanted it available to Indy when he was ready. Otherwise, it's fine with me if he doesn't gulp down his food immediately upon presentation.

Indy's odd little habit is fascinating to observe and often humorous in implementation. Yet another reason the Fluffy Puppy is also known as my Little Goober Boy. :-)

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gowestferalwoman said...

I wonder if the milkbone thing is a control issue - "i'll eat this when and where when i please, darn it, vacuum be damned" lol