Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Stills: Hats

This week's challenge was "hats." Given the weather forecast for much of the U.S. -- polar gear will be needed. But here in Oregon's Willamette Valley we primarily deal with wet stuff. Misty mizzle, drenching downpour, sideways saturation -- you name it, we get it.

So those of us who choose to venture out (or have no choice to remain warm and dry) require an arsenal of headwear.

These are my winter dog walking hats. My suede Kerrits cap helps keep up the hood of my waterproof Eddie Bauer jacket. The Outback fedora is waxed to repel moisture. Note the sheltie hair on the brim.

Barn hats. My FITS cap to hide "helmet hair," plus my waxed cotton Outback cap and hat for hiking to the back fence of the turnout pasture where Phantom manages to locate himself when I arrive on rainy days. My knit hat is stuffed in the backpack I carry to the barn full of horse treats and other necessities.

Retired "helmet hair" cap. This one took a tumble into Phantom's feed bucket one day. After thoroughly examining it he determined it had no nutritional value.

To see more head gear, visit Sunday Stills.


wilsonc said...

Great job Mary!

Regular Guy said...

Nice set of hats, I like your person hat.

dibear said...

You have a nice selection of hats. :)

Brenda said...

I like the outback hat.

Rising Rainbow said...

Pet hair is a prerequisite, don't ya think. I know it is here. LOL

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How did I miss this post? :)

The last paragraph made me giggle. You have some really great hats.
Around here we don't worry about wearing hats to protect us from lots of rain, but instead hats to protect us from lots of sunshine.
I love that outback hat....I would so wear that out on the hiking trails.
And you've got a terrific collection of 'helmet hair' hats.
Hooray for helmet hair and for the cute hats to hide it! :D


gowestferalwoman said...

Now lets do a shot of Boots... theres paddock boots, jodphur boots, tall boots and winter riding boots then theres muck winter boots, wellington rubber boots...:)

Love your hat collection!!!