Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bizarre Disappearance

Seven-year-old Kyron Horman went missing from Skyline Elementary School in Portland on Friday morning (June 4). It was a busy day at the school -- with a science fair and afternoon talent show. Kyron's stepmother brought him to school and visited his science fair entry about red-eyed tree frogs (see photo). When last she saw him, Kyron was walking down the hall toward his home room.

When the school day began, students were sorted into small groups to tour the science fair. When all returned to their home rooms, attendance was taken and Kyron was marked absent. He did not appear for the talent contest. His stepmother met his school bus per usual that afternoon, but Kyron did not disembark. She immediately called 911.

Despite extensive search efforts conducted since then by local, state and federal authorities, plus numerous volunteers -- there has been no sign of Kyron.

I can only imagine what Kyron's family is going through. I'm sure others are haunted by "if only...."

Kyron has been described as not the type to wander off. He is not adventurous and those who know him say he wouldn't venture into rough terrain alone (although he might go with a friend).

Anyone who has any information to provide is encouraged to call the tip line: 503-261-2847.

Situations involving missing children are always heart wrenching. But when a perceived "safe environment" is violated (such as school) it is even more troubling. Kyron was safely escorted to and deposited at his school. Then he vanished.

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wilsonc said...

This is just making me sick Mary. I walked the twins to school yesterday and of course insisted on watching them walk inside, but now...getting inside may not be safe enough...that poor family. I'm praying that little boy is alright and that he will be found.