Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Stills: Potluck

This week Ed left us to our own devices. With no particular theme we were free to photograph whatever caught our fancy.

So where else to I take my camera but the barn!!

This bridle caught my eye so I took several views. In this one I like the leather, silver, and rope textures.

I applied a sepia finish to this picture of the brow band to give it an old west flavor.

I thought the blanket wall was more interesting in black & white. All are a bit "tired" after the winter months and soon to be taken down, cleaned, and packed away for the summer.

This was a lucky shot. I came out of the tack room after taking pictures of the bridle and found one of the barn kitties lounging about. He was particularly interested in Indy -- thus the alert, wide-eyed expression. Back lit from the barn door.

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Beth said...

What beautiful eyes you have. . .:)

Anonymous said...

These are all very creative shots. I hope you saved some for Macro Monday. :) Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Very nice potluck, I love the cat.

Sandy said...

Great images from the barn and the one of the barn kitty is super cute!

AareneX said...

The sepia toned photo is my favorite!

Michelle said...

Great shots! I love the blanket wall - sometimes there is so much beauty in such common things.