Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Take Five...or More

Mufasa and Scar

Two thirds of the CEC Critter Control Staff taking a break. Yep, on top of the dog crate in the tack room with Indy residing in the "flat" below.

The boys are earning their keep, despite what you see in this photo. The last two times I've been at the barn I've seen one or the other with a mouse. Although, Monday had a definite eeeuuw factor, since Scar hadn't quite finished the job with the poor, mangled field mouse that eventually expired. :-P

I brought my camera to the barn today to capture photos for the most recent Sunday Stills challenge. The cats may reappear again in a few days, but from a different angle.


wilsonc said...

What a great shot of the orange kitties! I'm gonna try to do something for this weeks Sunday Stills challenge too. Wish I had a macro lens

Oregon Equestrian said...

Gotta grab photos during the dry days! I'm still figuring out my Canon. No macro lens, but a macro setting. And lots of menu icons that I don't yet know what they mean.

Shared Glory said...

Oh the irony of Mufasa and Scar cuddling! :) So cute! Great shot!