Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Stills: Best Shot of 2009

Ed's challenge for today was to select two "best" shots from our 2009 contributions. Since I didn't begin my participation in Sunday Stills until May, you'd think it would be easier with fewer photos to select from. Not so much. Do I go for the photos that I think are my artistic best? Or do I go with sentimental favorites? *sigh*

Best to just jump in. So here goes.

From August 30, 2009: Sounds.

I call this one "Flying Pigtails" for obvious reasons. Listening to a horse and rider on course one hears the rhythmic beat of hooves at a canter broken by pauses as the horse or pony flies over a fence. At the children's and adult amateur ring, each ride ends with applause, cheers and whistles of encouragement from family and friends. From the nearby warm-up ring can be heard the shouts of trainers as they call out instructions to the riders who will be next on course.

Cute kids on cute ponies are a mainstay at hunter-jumper shows. I found this girl with her pink bows and beige jodhpurs to be representative of a Children's Hunter.

From December 27, 2009: Odds and Ends

This is a sentimental favorite. The metronome belonged to my Grandfather who played violin with the Portland Symphony (now the Oregon Symphony) for 49 years. It sat atop the upright piano in the music room of his home in northeast Portland where my father grew up. The music holder is likely one of my father's finds rather than one actually used on his trombone. It contains a "fake" list of songs and keys in which to play them, used for dances and other single events when a contractor brought together musicians to provide an evening of music. My father and grandfather also played in bands or orchestras for Broadway road shows, ice shows, home shows and other entertainment back in the day when music was live.

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Holly said...

that little girl is simply precious!

jrosey said...

Great selections! That little girl is just too cute.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Do they really buckle the legs to the saddle?? What if they fall off? They will be dangling and maybe damage their knee of leg or back. Yikes!

These photos are both great, though. I like the action in the first photo and the rustic nature of the second pic. Good job!


Brenda said...

love the pigtails too. Aren't little girls cute? Neat sentimental piece of memory of your grandfather!

Oregon Equestrian said...

The elastic straps that run beneath the paddock boots as well as the leather strap wrapped below the knee help keep the jodhpurs from creeping up while riding. The knee strap is not attached to the saddle in any manner.