Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Indy had his first encounter with the hot wire at the barn today. He seems to have survived unscathed, and the jolt did not give him a poodle coat.

I had the barn to myself when I finished riding. After letting Phantom free graze for a little while I placed him in his turnout paddock and turned Indy loose.

Indy, of course, wanted to go to the arena barn to see if his girlfriends were there. They weren't, so he had to settle for me. We played briefly in the arena, then he went outside where he left another pee-mail message.

Indy moved toward the round pen and past it toward the pig haven. I suspected he was looking for his Chi (the ideal location to make a "deposit"). I finally caught up with him and was about to attach the leash when Indy decided to investigate the bottom wire of the adjacent turnout fence. It was one of those moments like slamming shut the locked door of a car while staring at the keys inside. You know what's coming isn't good, but you just watch it happen. Indy stuck out his nose and I thought, "He's going to get zapped."

Bzzzt! Yipe! And Indy was off and running. I have no idea where he thought he was running to...just away! I called his name a couple of times and Indy finally stopped near the car. He looked at me. I had walked away from the offending fence and called him to me. And he came at a run. Good boy!

I think he may have suspected the Flexi-Leash was the culprit, or the baggie dispenser hanging from it. I had him smell each after I'd given him a hug. Poor puppy! Other than being SCARED, Indy seemed fine. He settled into the car per usual for the ride home. Once at home, he pestered me to go out for his walk so he could finish his business.

All horse folks have inadvertently touched the hot wire at some time. Not a pleasant sensation. But at 30+ pounds, that's got to be a real jolt for a dog of Indy's size! I'm just glad that he seems okay. If anything, it may have turned him into the Energizer Bunny. He was pretty bouncy when I was finally ready for our afternoon walk. I treated him to one of our longer summer routes, since the day was rather pleasant and he definitely deserved a treat.

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Shared Glory said...

Awwwwww poor guy!!! Glad to hear he's okay!!