Friday, January 23, 2009


I'm sure I'm not the only equestrian whose tone for the day is established by my time in the saddle. A frustrating ride can alter a positive state into one of discouragement. A good ride establishes a positive and uplifting outlook on the remainder of the day. Thus, my attitude for the remainder of the day is determined by my ride. My "ride-itude."

Today was a good one. Wednesday and today I went back to basics and warmed up with haunch and forehand pivots, halts, backing up, and sidepasses. Not to say that I got Phantom to correctly crossover with the movements, but he did respond to and move off of my seat and leg. I then referred to my Sue Sherry Arsenal and did alternating posting trot diagonals. Youch! I definitely need to do more of them!

I had the opportunity to take a few clinics from Sue Sherry in the past. Sue gave me homework assignments to get my weight balanced on both seat bones. I was sliding off to the right, and Phantom was facilitating my off-kilter position. She had me post for 4-6 trot strides, then change posting diagonal through the two-point (not sitting). While alternating diagonals, I rode Phantom in circles, serpentines, etc. This exercise actually relaxes and rounds Phantom. And it showed me that I need to do more of it to strengthen my position. Having ridden hunters in the past, I've served time in two-point hell. The longer dressage leathers aren't very helpful, but holding a two-point and alternating posting diagonals will definitely help me get back into riding shape after my extended time off.


Speaking of my time off due to my broken wrist.... These medical expenses dribbling in are the pits! Hard to budget for the month when hit with unexpected bills.

I've been receiving statements of charges and insurance pickup since October, which of course I give only a cursory look. Hey, I'm an English Major! So I get the latest bill from the osteo surgeon's office and decide I'll pay half in January and the remainder in February. This week I get a new bill and the total due is a little over the same amount as the previous statement! Additional charges bumped up the amount due after I made payment. *sigh* I've already paid a bill for the physical therapy, but who knows, there may be additional charges. And these may not be the final fees due the osteo surgeon.

At least I've got health insurance. I'm paying through the nose for it, but when I finally needed coverage, the policy is coming through.


Lefty has been sold to a woman who lives back east. Keep in mind, for those of us living in the Pacific Northwest, anything on the other side of the Rockies is "back east." But if I have the facts straight, Lefty will be leaving tomorrow for one of the original 13 colonies. So today we said our goodbyes and wished him a safe journey. We all hope that Lefty will have an exciting new show career, but it's kind of sad that he'll be so far away we won't be able to watch his successes with his new owner.

I took this photo at the 2008 AHA Region IV Sporthorse Championship Show.


allhorsestuff said...

Nice ride-itude, from a good day can last, sometimes over a bad ride, untill it is good again! My sissy always told me that "the next" will be better if it was not good. I think she supposes(hopes) I gave the mare something to think about and she needs time to digest it!

Jan Mader said...

Hi! I'm a children's author and new to blogging. I stumbled onto your blog because of writing and riding!

I rescued a standardbred/spotted draft cross when he was a year old. He's six now. I show him pleasure driving and dressage.

I'd love to have you come visit my blog. I think we have a lot of the same interests!

Oregon Equestrian said...

KK: I try to turn the frustration into what I need to work on during my next ride. I'm fortunate that my Goober Boy is basically a sweetie and most of our problems are "pilot error."

Jan: Horses AND writing for young people! I'll be checking out your blog.