Sunday, April 20, 2008

$ for Words

I got a brief writing job last month and received payment. Whoo hoo!

The job was related to my environmental writing experience, and may lead to future work. Now, my writing goal is to write and publish fiction. But being recognized for my writing skills and receiving money is delightful for any writer.

Writing is a job done in isolation and requires confidence in your abilities and chosen project. That confidence waxes and wanes. The trick is to keep on keepin' on.

So -- even though my recent job wasn't in the fiction arena, it was still an acknowledgment of my writing abilities.

Speaking of fiction:

I got a bee in my bonnet and have been sidetracked doing background work on a new story idea. I'm such a Gemini! Bouncing from one project to the next, leaving behind a trail of unfinished stories.

But...I will finish the current project. I have a first reader who wants to see it and that's incentive to complete the "Crappy First Draft" and render a much-edited second draft (or more) for review and comment.

Write on.

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