Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fly Masks and Parallel Universes

Phantom with fly mask on -- for the moment.
Last summer I bought Phantom a new fly mask that immediately went MIA. Fortunately I held on to his old mask as a backup. The new mask magically reappeared but just as quickly disappeared again. When it mysteriously showed up once again I stashed it in my tack locker. The old mask survived the remainder of the summer without going missing.

Once again I've experienced the comings and goings of fly masks.

This summer I whipped out Phantom's ratty old fly mask. It went missing early in fly season -- but since Phantom also lost a layer of hair on his face I'm guessing one of his pasture mates is credited with an assist. It was time to try the new fly mask again, which remarkably has remained on his face thus far.

Today I found Phantom's new mask on the front of his stall. Turns out he was wearing his old mask. Someone must have discovered it in the pasture.

So where do these fly masks go? How do they inexplicably return?

Obviously the fly masks go to a parallel universe and then return to our own. Physicists should be studying equine fly masks instead of using the Large Hadron Collider at CERN to pursue spring theory and "branes."

I doubt Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) would expose himself to the "dangers" of the barn, but Brian Greene (The Elegant Universe, The Hidden Reality:  Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos) might accept an invite.

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The Dancing Donkey said...

I think the fly masks must go off to visit all the socks swallowed by the dryer and the seldom used, but necessary items stored in "safe" places.