Monday, June 18, 2012

Rock Star

I'm not really a rock star. I just feel like one what with the entourage that follows my every move.

There's something about the second set of paws thundering after me that I find entertaining. Indy has always monitored my activities. However, if it appears that I'm not going into the kitchen or outside he usually resumes his nap.

Trixie's presence has changed the dynamic.

Neither dog is about to be left out of anything I do. If I dash up to the loft to quickly retrieve something, step outside to water the hanging flower baskets on the front porch, or whatever -- I have a herd of two dogs chasing after me. The race up the stairs to the loft can be hysterical given the size difference in the dogs. Trixie requires a running start what with her short doxie legs. Indy can gallop right over the top of her without throwing either one of them off stride.

The galumph galumph that accompanies my every move is just too funny.

So for the remainder of the month I have an entourage. Just like a rock star.

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