Monday, April 9, 2012

It's a Sport

Rich Fellers and Flexible
We have an area rider who has made the long list for the U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team. The Oregonian covered the story in the March 28 issue of the paper -- in the Community section for our region of the Portland metro area. Not the sports pages.

It seems only horse racing is considered an equestrian sport by the news media. When equestrian events are covered at all, the newspaper places the story in the Metro or Living section. The local television stations relegate it to the human interest segment.

I guess, like the other "orphan sports," we horse people should be thankful that we get coverage at all. Although the media seems willing to include stories about our local Olympic fencing medalist with sports updates.

Rodeo is an outing for families, hunter/jumpers and eventing are mentioned only when there is video of a spectacular crash, dressage is mispronounced and amusingly described, combined driving is quaint, competitive trail and endurance racing are unheard of, and breed shows don't even exist.

Oh well. Maybe it's best that horse sports are our own little secret. If we received coverage in the Sports section we'd probably be a larger target for PETA. Even though my friends and I want to be reincarnated as our pampered equines.  ;-)

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Cara said...

Funny. Most "sports" competitors are washed up by age 30. For us, we are just getting started!

Equestrian sports are for participants more than spectators. Most competitions don't even charge admission.

Equestrians, generally, are too busy equestrating to watch sports on TV or go to a "Game." If we DO go to watch, there are not traffic snarls, no crowded stadiums, and usually you should take your own folding chair.

We live part of our lives in a different world, a different community.