Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Stills: A Small Part of a Whole

This week participants were instructed to take two photos, one of the "big picture" and the second a part of the whole. I went to this city park with a subject in mind, but ended up with two surprise subjects instead.

Roundabout near park entrance.

Close up of decorative grass trimmed for the winter months.

Play structures at the park.

A part of the "hole."
This was a fun assignment to think of a subject that would be interesting from two perspectives.

See how others met the challenge at Sunday Stills.


Cara said...

Makes me wish for a longer day so I could do more stuff.

Sallie ( said...

Good choices for this meme -- enjoyed the part of the "hole" wordplay! The beautiful close up of your horse on the right column would work for this too!