Thursday, September 15, 2011

Frustrated, Part Two

I shared the arena with Gen and Pam yesterday who observed my ride on Phantom. Now we're thinking he may be harboring a deep abscess in his right front. Pam sensed a slightly elevated warmth in Phantom's right hoof -- I never seem to be able to feel these things.

So -- I'm still sticking with the "wait and see" approach. Either something treatable will become more obvious and the plan of action will be clear. Or Phantom will improve on his own. Right now it doesn't seem worthy of a vet call. That may come later, however.

For now, I'll get my saddle time at a walk (as long as Phantom is comfortable) and do some lateral work to keep both of us going.

And I'll watch the weather for the next good day to give Phantom a bath. He's quite the dust bunny right now. Although -- all he'll do is roll and coat himself again following the bath. *sigh* But I know he'll enjoy the sudsy scrub regardless.

As Gen said:  "Horses!"

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achieve1dream said...

It might be an abscess. It can sometimes make them seem off on the other side. And it can take a while for them to drain. I hope he feels better soon.