Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Stills: Macro or Extreme Closeup

Eggbutt French-link snaffle bit on hunter bridle.

Fox hunting scene on white plate.
The bit and bridle belonged to my little chestnut mare. The plate was my grandmother's. What I love about the plate (in addition to the picture) is my grandmother's name written on the back in grease pencil. Obviously she took it to a potluck at the Grange or elsewhere.

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achieve1dream said...

Great shots. I love the bit. :)

dibear said...

Very nice macro shots. :)

Ed said...

Great shot of the bridle..:-)

Janice said...

Well done, that's the bit I'm looking for....with no success. I live in a tack deprived area.I liked the plate story.