Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Waterproofless" in Oregon

Western Oregon is gloriously green because it RAINS. A lot. The Pacific Northwest is the land of Gortex and fleece for a reason.

Since Indy's need to go outside isn't necessarily timed for breaks in the weather, I have rain gear for both of us. He has an equine-inspired rain sheet, I have waterproof pants to wear over jeans and a hooded waterproof jacket that I can wear over appropriate layers. I thought I had waterproof boots but alas, that's not the case.

I have a pair of insulated, waterproof nylon lace-up boots. The fabric is definitely waterproof. Regrettably, the seams aren't. Who designs a "waterproof" boot with seaming and then doesn't seal the seams?!

So last winter when I found the above boots on sale I thought I'd solved my problem. Tall enough to tuck in my jeans so the hems won't get soaked, and high enough to trek through a rare snowfall. Combined with the waterproof pants and jacket -- I was impervious. Indy and I could stroll as far and wide as we desired and still arrive home dry. Well, I was dry and he was mostly dry.

Then... :-(

...a few weeks ago while walking Indy, my right foot felt wet halfway through our trip. Sure enough, when I got home and removed my boot, the sock was wet. Darned if I could find a hole or slice or abrasion that would explain the leak. More recently I discovered the heel of the left boot had mildew beneath the sock liner. An indication of another leak. Huh?!

It seems my low-cost boots were worth every penny.


So the waterproof, dog-walking, realistically-priced boot search resumes. It's February. Do you know how WET this place is during March and April?! Heck, it doesn't dry out around here until after Portland's Rose Festival is over in mid-June. Usually summer waits until Independence Day to settle in.

Uh oh. Gotta go. Or, more accurately, Indy's gotta go. Just let me peek out the window to see what rain gear I need to pop on.


Rising Rainbow said...

I feel for you on the boots. Here we have the expensive muck boots. Because we have the creek and must retrieve horses sometimes, we have the tall ones. Even as expensive as they are, they have been worth every penny. They last at least a couple of years and we are very abusive to those things. I'm sure with a little care, they'd last a lot longer.

We don't dry out until about the same time as you. I just think once it warms up you might get a little warmer than us but I'm not sure.

Cheryl Ann said...

I have boots like those that I found at Target! They'll probably leak, too!!! :-(

gowestferalwoman said...

And Dovers online has their bogs and other boots on sale right now...

Its that "using your one boot to take off the other boot while hanging onto the door jamb" tear...I happen to get those yearly too lol