Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Sounds of Silence: I Don't Think So

As it happened, Kim and I ended up with the arena to ourselves yesterday afternoon. So we are keeping out of each others' way while focusing on our individual schooling sessions.


That's Kim. I'm not sure what she was asking of Finn, but it obviously needed sound effects. We had a chuckle about sounding like a pirate. Ah, yes. The "Pirate School of Equitation and Horse Training."


That's me. Trying to get Phantom off my leg and bent correctly at the canter. That was worth a chuckle, too. The "Weight Lifting Guide to Riding Your Horse."

As we continued riding there were the "Good boys," and more assorted grunts and groans. It seems sound effects are required when directing half a ton or so of equine around the arena from our perches. It was apparently a good day for Kim as well as me -- no epithets or expletives directed at Phantom or Finn.

So for those folks who believe that the horse does all the work -- have a listen! Sounds to me like the riders are putting in the effort, too! ;-)


Arabian Lover!! said...

yeah, riders do put in an effort for sure in riding, or my legs wouldn't be sore from my lesson last week!! ;D

allhorsestuff said...

Oh..so much goes into a good ride..who says the horse does all the work?!!!
Cute today.. just what I needed to end the day right!

I think you asked what the EASYWALKSER SHOES were applied with...nails, just like other shoes.
It is the material itself that is the difference...concussion like barefoot, and less negative vertical ramifications.