Monday, August 10, 2009

What a Cool Horse!

After three days spent in the most uncomfortable chairs in the known universe, it was great to get back to the barn. The Barn Bunch seemed to have scattered this past weekend: me to the writers conference, Genevieve to California, Trainer Tracey to the Region IV show, Kim to an open house at the opposite end of the metro area, etc. I'm sure there were other outings I'm not even aware of. was great to catch up on news.

By the way, I have to brag about scoring big at the conference. Genevieve is a fan of Irene Radford, author of the Dragon Nimbus series and other fantasy and science fiction books. I took advantage of the opportunity to get a personalized autograph by Ms. Radford on a book to give to Genevieve. Couldn't pass it up!

Anyway...back to the barn. We have two new kittens at the barn who arrived at nine weeks of age. Brothers Mufasa and Scar are, as to be expected at 10-11 weeks of age, lively characters and into everything. Of course I didn't have my camera with me today to capture them playing with the lash of my longe whip, climbing in and out of my helmet, and playing with Phantom's tail.

Phantom's tail just touches the ground and was too tempting for Mufasa. While Phantom stood calmly in the cross ties, one hind leg cocked, Mufasa began batting at the end of his tail. Then the kitten stood up on his hind legs to grab at the tail. Phantom didn't move a muscle. He knew the kitten was back there, but didn't even swish his tail. Scar joined in the fun and soon both cats were batting and grabbing at the tail. When Mufasa tackled Phantom's supporting hind leg, I decided it was time to get out of there before tiny little claws wore out Phantom's patience.

I had to give the Goober Boy a kiss. What a cool horse to let the kittens play with his tail!